PAFBC Interactive County Guides

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In 2012, the PAFBC updated the “County Guides” on its website to a slick, Google Maps based application. In 2014, the guides remain online and apparently popular.  They cover a range of fishing opportunities: Class A Wild Trout Streams are … Read More

Pennsylvania Overview

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Pennsylvania is one of the premiere trout fishing destinations in the east.  The Allegheny Mountains – the local name for the Appalachians – cut a semi-circular swathe through the center of the state and, along with the Allegheny plateau on … Read More

Brook Trout Range Maps

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KMZs and other files showing the distribution of Brook Trout are available from the download system. New!  Now includes Great Lakes and Driftless Areas   Brook Trout are the native trout of the NE US, the Appalachian highlands, and a … Read More

NJ Wild Trout Regulations

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One of the advantages of fishing for wild trout in NJ is that you can fish year round.  While the specific dates vary from year to year, different regulations apply depending on whether you’re “in Season” or “Out of Season”.  … Read More


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Now providing maps and conservation data for 38 states (everywhere in CONUS there are wild trout) is a resource for fishermen seeking wild and native trout.  This is not a stream guide in the usual sense.  Instead, it’s a … Read More

New Jersey Wild Trout Streams – Interactive Map

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The icons on the map mark the mouth of the 36 streams regulated by NJDFW as “Wild Trout Streams”. This dataset was corrected in January, 2014 to fix a couple of streams which we’d previously mislabeled. {iframe width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ … Read More

New Jersey Overview

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NJ isn’t known for trout, and being the most densely populated state in the union, habitat is pretty limited. But where streams exist, they can be as lovely as any trout streams anywhere. And, they can provide isolation and quiet, … Read More

Why This Site?

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This site is designed to help you find a place to fish for wild and native trout, and to avoid crowds.  Besides enabling an activity we believe to be intrinsically wonderful, we also feel we’re doing something that’s good for … Read More

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