Historic Trout Fishery Data

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Released 12/2013. Click on >>>PA Downloads in the PA Resources Menu to download this KMZ for free! Most fishermen like to know the type of trout they’re going to fish for.  While all wild trout are beautiful, some anglers prefer … Read More

Wilderness Trout Streams

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Source: PAFBC, PASDA, Google Earth Released 12/2013. Click on the >>>PA Downloads link in the PA Resources menu to download this file! Since 1969, PAFBC has been designating Wilderness Trout Streams.  In 2012, 206 segments were so designated.  Current criteria … Read More

Google Earth – Revised

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Google Earth is an app that you download and install on your Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop, as well as iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.  Best of all, the basic versions are free at: http://www.google.com/earth for computers, or on the … Read More

Indiana Wild Trout

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Indiana has extremely limited wild trout opportunities, though many folks feel that its salmon and steelhead runs in and out of Lake Michigan (dependent on stocking) are as good or better than any of its neighbors’ programs. Source: IN DNR, … Read More

Ohio Wild Trout

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Source: Ohio DNR, EPA Waters, Geauga Park District, Google Earth Opportunities to fish for wild trout within the State of Ohio are pretty limited. The only documented (but very limited) wild trout populations are shown here in the Northeast corner … Read More

Ohio Brookies

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In 1972, Dr. Andrew White of John Carroll University found two reproducing populations of brook trout in the headwaters of the Chagrin River near Bass Lake in Geauga County, 25 miles east of Cleveland.  Until his discoveries, all original-strain, native … Read More

Ohio Steelhead

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Source: Ohio DNR, EPA Waters, Google Earth Ohio is relatively new to the steelhead “game”, which PA and NY have played for years, having started its programs in the 1980s. Ohio steelhead are rainbow and brown trout that migrate out … Read More

South Dakota Overview

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Photo by Jeffrey Beall – Own work, CC BY 4.0, License Except for the Missouri River, which is a massive lake/tailwater, all of the streams in South Dakota that sustain wild populations of trout are to be found in the … Read More

Arkansas Wild Trout

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In the beginning, Man built the dams to part the water.  Above the dams, the waters grew deep, and cold in their depths.  And when the dams released the water, the streams below the dam became cold, and smote the … Read More

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