What We Are

This site is designed to help you find a place to fish for wild and native trout, and to avoid crowds.  Besides enabling an activity we believe to be intrinsically wonderful, we also feel we're doing something that's good for the long term health of the water resources.  Here you'll find some of the most detailed information available anywhere about the location of wild and native trout in the continental US, culled from a variety of sources, and all available for free.Brookie on caddis

This website is a labor of love (or, as my wife would claim, an obsession).  I've created it because I found it stupidly hard to find useful information for locating wild trout streams. It was the product of one person (though the information is culled from hundreds of different, public-domain sources, and is, in that sense, a labor of thousands of hard working people around the country: fisheries biologists, water-quality workers, and many others.

What We're Not

We are not about making money.  We offer no advertising.  We've done it as a service to the community of like-minded fishermen, and offer it for free.

We are NOT an online guidebook.  Guidebooks tend to concentrate fishing pressure in a few "good" places.  They offer evaluation, and explicit directions to specific locations.

We don't do that.  We think half the fun is discovering a place on your own.  We say, implicitly, "Here are streams that hold wild trout.  Go explore."   Some of the streams found here are wonderful places to fish.  Many are quite marginal.  Even trickier, some are marginal, but wonderful in a few spots where, say, the gradient increases and the brush recedes a little bit.  But we'll never review streams, or point out the best places to gain access or fish.  That would be telling, and defeat the purpose of this site, which is to encourage broad exploration.