Paiute Trout Range Maps

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Included on the Ultimate USA Cutthroat Map.

paiutebuttonPaiute Cutthroat Trout have the most restricted range of any of the generally recognized sub-species of cutthroat trout.  The historic range is in the Sliver King Creek drainage, Alpine County, CA, and provides only 11 miles of stream habitat.  Current range within the Silver King drainage is more restricted than that, though a major restoration project began in 2010 to extirpate exotic trout and restore Paiute Trout to their former range.  Not including the new restoration area, there are today 23.5 miles of stream habitat in five widely distributed (though disconnected) drainages.

The Paiute Cutt is protected as a threatened species, and its status is reviewed regularly (minimum every 5 years) by US Fish and Wildlife Service which is coordinating its preservation.  The data in the Ultimate USA Cutthroat Map is drawn principally from the 2013 5 year status review, supplemented by data found in a separate report on the restoration efforts in the Silver King drainage produced with the CDFG.  Areas targeted for restoration are shown in the map as “ConPop” areas.

Note that most if not all of the waters shown on this map are closed to angling.  Please check current California regulations before planning a trip.

paiute range

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