Data: Great Basin Redband

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Great Basin RangeCompared to most cutthroat trout, mapping of redband populations has been seriously neglected. This is beginning to be addressed, and a range-wide conservation agreement was signed in 2014 (see download system).

This dataset shows Redband Trout from two sources:

  1. Within Oregon: A dataset published by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife on Streamnet. It provides a complete, known distribution of redband trout within the state. We’ve extracted all of the Great Basin (Newberrii) sub-species data.
  2. Within California (and a tiny sliver of NW Nevada): “Conservation Populations” mapped by Wild Trout Enterprises, LLC, a biological consulting firm. This work was funded by the Western Native Trout Initiative with contributions from the states of California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. The original map was published on page 5 of the Rangewide Agreement as a medium resolution raster image of approximately 1:5,000,000 scale. WildTroutStream digitized the streams using a raster overlay to guide selection of streamlines in the the Streamnet hydrography. We are confident that the resulting layer is substantially correct and useful. However, given limitations of the source data, small tributaries may be missing or selected in error, and population end points are approximate.