Native Under Construction

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Sorry, we’ve not yet completed re-building this page. Check back soon. So far, we’ve completed the most common native trout including Brook Trout, and most of the major cutthroat species. We’ll be catching up with the others just as soon … Read More

Under Reconstruction

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Under Reconstruction Sorry it’s taken us so long to recover from a hack we suffered a few years ago, but as you can see, we’re making progress. Right now, we’ve completed the pages and download zip files for all of … Read More

NC Overview

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While most of the state enjoys warm water fishing, western NC boasts the highest point east of the Mississippi River (Mount Mitchell at 6,684 ft), part of the Great Smoky Mountains.  With watersheds that remain intact, protected as part of … Read More

Virginia Overview

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While most of the state is coastal lowlands, which support only warm water fish, the western highlands of Virginia support some of the finest brook trout habitat to be found in the mid-Atlantic region.  Shenandoah National Park is a mecca … Read More


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Maryland is a relatively small state encompassing a diversity of habitat and some great trout fishing.  Some of the best wild trout habitat is found in the western highlands (Garrett and Allegany Counties) tucked in among Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and … Read More

Connecticut Overview

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Until recently, it’s been difficult to develop good information about where to seek wild trout in CT.  The CT DEP (no “fish and game” department any more) lists only 28 Wild Trout Management Areas (WTMAs). Recently, we’ve developed two other … Read More

RI Overview

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Frankly, I’ve never fished in RI.  I’ve always passed it by on the way to MA, or NH.  Moreover, unlike most fish and wildlife departments in the Northeast, Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM), Fish & Wildlife Division is … Read More

Arizona Overview

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Arizona is a largely arid state with relatively limited wild trout habitat.  However, wherever the elevation climbs around 5,000 feet or higher, there’s a shot at cold water habitat that can support wild trout.  Arizona supports its own native trout:  … Read More

Exotics Identification

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Illustration by Steven Schalla,, used with permission Exotics refer to any species of wild trout that establishes a self-sustaining population in geographic regions where they are not native.  The most common exotic species in the US are Brown, Rainbow, … Read More