NC Overview

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While most of the state enjoys warm water fishing, western NC boasts the highest point east of the Mississippi River (Mount Mitchell at 6,684 ft), part of the Great Smoky Mountains.  With watersheds that remain intact, protected as part of … Read More

Arizona Overview

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Arizona is a largely arid state with relatively limited wild trout habitat.  However, wherever the elevation climbs around 5,000 feet or higher, there’s a shot at cold water habitat that can support wild trout.  Arizona supports its own native trout:  … Read More

Colorado Overview

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Spanning the Continental Divide, from the Great Plains and across the East Slope of the Rockies, Colorado is a destination for trout anglers world-wide. It possesses an enormous wealth of trout habitat, and is home to three native cutthroat species. … Read More

New Mexico Overview

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New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment”, possesses relatively limited trout habitat. However, wherever the elevation climbs above 6,000 feet, there’s the possibility of cold water that can support wild trout, and the locations of these high mountain streams can be … Read More


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Washington’s cool, wet climate produces some of the best trout habitat in the United States, some of it shockingly close to Seattle and its suburbs. Coastal Rainbows and cutthroat are native to the coastal regions, while steelhead migrate not only … Read More


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Oregon has some of the best trout habitat in the United States, and is home to many native species. Along the coast, native Coastal Cutthroat and rainbow trout reside in streams which also see sea-run steelhead migrate both summer and … Read More

Wyoming Overview

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Straddling the Continental divide along the Wind River ridge, Wyoming has some of the best trout habitat in the United States.  It is also home to most of Yellowstone National Park. What Shenandoah National Park is for Brook Trout anglers, … Read More


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Montana, mecca to so many fisherman, is one of the few states in the country where wild trout can be found beyond the historic range, thanks to major, cold “tailwaters’ that support trout well into the great plains.  One of … Read More

New York Overview

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The Catskills region of New York state, along with its more northerly sister range, the Adirondacks, contain the oldest wilderness areas in the country (set aside in the late 19th century) and some of the most famous fly fishing streams … Read More

SC Overview

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Photo via Good Free Photos South Carolina wild trout streams are restricted to a relatively small sliver of the southern Appalachians in the far northwest corner of the state. The state does a good job of documenting the habitat, including … Read More

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