Rocky Mountain National Park

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To native and wild trout afficianados in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park takes on a similar significance as Shenandoah NP does to easterners: its possibly the best single place to find a large number of native trout streams (and lakes) … Read More

Enhanced TU CSI for CO Cutthroat Variants

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Trout Unlimited developed the Conservation Success Index (CSI) to quantify and map the conservation status of native coldwater fishes in order to make better conservation decisions. The index has succeeded admirably in that respect. For the angler, the index conflates … Read More

CO Special Regulation Streams

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New for 2014! Download from the “>>CO Downloads” Menu This file contains information about Colorado Fishing Waters which are managed with special regulations. Special regulations are updated frequently. Please check the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website for the latest regulations … Read More

CO Native Cutthroat Streams

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This KMZ created by from a variety of public sources, maps every cutthroat stream in the State of Colorado.  Click on the flowline to pop up a balloon with more info. Greenback, Rio Grande, and Colorado River Cutthroat are … Read More

Colorado Overview

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Spanning the Continental Divide, from the Great Plains and across the East Slope of the Rockies, Colorado is a destination for trout anglers world-wide. It possesses an enormous wealth of trout habitat, and is home to three native cutthroat species. … Read More