NJ Open Space

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Click on the >>>NJ Downloads Link in the Resources Menu to download these KMZs for free! Part of the challenge of fishing in NJ is figuring out where to gain access.  Many TP and WTS in the state flow largely … Read More

“TP” Streams with 305b Status

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Click on the >>>NJ Downloads Link in the Resources Menu to download this KMZ for free! This dataset maps a subset of the EPA stream “Assessment Units” which are included in NJ’s Federal EPA water quality reporting process (known as … Read More

NJ “TP” Fisheries

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Available on the NJ Web Map, or as a KMZ in the download system In its 2005 Coldwater Fisheries Management Plan, the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife (“NJDFW”) published a series of maps indicating the type of fishery (Brook, … Read More

NJ Trout Production (“TP”) Streams

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Available as an overlay on the NJ Web Map, or as a KMZ file from the download system. The list of Trout Production (“TP”) waters was first published in the NJDFW’s Coldwater Management Plan in 2005…  Because of their high … Read More

NJ Wild Trout Regulations

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One of the advantages of fishing for wild trout in NJ is that you can fish year round.  While the specific dates vary from year to year, different regulations apply depending on whether you’re “in Season” or “Out of Season”.  … Read More

New Jersey Overview

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NJ isn’t known for trout, and being the most densely populated state in the union, habitat is pretty limited. But where streams exist, they can be as lovely as any trout streams anywhere. And, they can provide isolation and quiet, … Read More

New Jersey Wild Trout Streams – Interactive Map

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The icons on the map mark the mouth of the 36 streams regulated by NJDFW as “Wild Trout Streams”. This dataset was corrected in January, 2014 to fix a couple of streams which we’d previously mislabeled. {iframe width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ … Read More