WV “Listed” Trout Streams (WQS)

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Based on the data developed by the WV DEP in the middle of the last decade, WV enjoys an amazing water resource.  Streams marked in blue are the 640-odd streams (a few lakes aren’t plotted) recognized in the state’s submission … Read More

WV Wild Trout Streams – Map

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THIS PAGE IS REPRODUCED FROM THE 2006 SITE.  CHECK OUT THE NEW PAGES IN THE “WV RESOURCES MENU IN THE SIDEBAR” West Virginia wild trout are found exclusively in the Appalachian Highlands (shown in pink).  Click on the map to … Read More

WV Wild Trout Streams

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West Virginia’s wild trout streams are restricted to its eastern highlands, but include some of the best habitat in the South.  BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE WATER QUALITY DATA TO BE FOUND IN THE “WV RESOURCES” MENU IN THE … Read More