Ohio Wild Trout

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Source: Ohio DNR, EPA Waters, Geauga Park District, Google Earth Opportunities to fish for wild trout within the State of Ohio are pretty limited. The only documented (but very limited) wild trout populations are shown here in the Northeast corner … Read More

Ohio Brookies

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In 1972, Dr. Andrew White of John Carroll University found two reproducing populations of brook trout in the headwaters of the Chagrin River near Bass Lake in Geauga County, 25 miles east of Cleveland.  Until his discoveries, all original-strain, native … Read More

Ohio Steelhead

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Source: Ohio DNR, EPA Waters, Google Earth Ohio is relatively new to the steelhead “game”, which PA and NY have played for years, having started its programs in the 1980s. Ohio steelhead are rainbow and brown trout that migrate out … Read More