Native Trout

posted in: Other | 3,978 provides its “Ultimate USA Cutthroat Map” which provides detailed information about every documented cutthroat stream in the lower 48 states, plus KMLs which allow you to map specific streams holding other species of native trout.  We’ve also collected critical … Read More

Streams Overview

posted in: Other | 9,913 provides online mapping data, useful documents, and other resources for finding wild trout streams in the lower-48 states. State-specific data is found under this “Streams” tab, while “Native Trout” data, which is species-specific and tends to be regional, is … Read More

What is a Trout Stream?

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For a fisherman, the answer seems simple enough:  “If there are wild trout to be caught, it’s a trout stream.” Fair enough. For the professionals that create the data we publish here, it’s not quite so simple, because it’s a … Read More