MA Brookies

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Once, virtually the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts was home to brook trout.  Today, they have been virtually extirpated from the greater Boston area.  Other habitat is degraded, though there are a fair number of good brook trout streams in the … Read More

MA Water Quality Info

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Massachusetts, unlike many states, does not seem to publish GIS data for water quality classifications.  However we finally “cracked the code” and have been able to create maps which show cold water habitat (see the Coldwater Fish Resource link in … Read More

Difference between Brown Trout and Salmon Parr

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Atlantic salmon live in the Connecticut River and its tributaries. Your cooperation is essential for their survival. Know the difference between trout and salmon. All salmon must be returned to the water. Young salmon (parr) resemble brown trout. Familiarize yourself … Read More

MA Coldwater Fish Resource Project

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It took some doing, but this is the dataset we’ve hoped to provide for 7 years.  The need for this website was first driven home to me when I was visiting my family in the Berkshires, and couldn’t find anyone … Read More


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This website really started because I used to visit my dad at his condo in the Berkshires, and I couldn’t find any reliable information about where to fish for wild trout. The closest “fly shop” was the Orvis Store in … Read More

MA Town Clickmaps

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We’ve created 1:13,100 stream maps for all of the towns in western Massachusetts, overlaid on the NHSP core habitat/watershed layers.  Click on the town to bring up the map in PDF format (each map varies in size from about 600 … Read More

MA Living Waters

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In 2006, we created a series of maps around the NHSP “Living Waters” dataset.  Today, we can distribute the same dataset in Google Earth, so you can view it yourself at any resolution, and combine it with other information. Source … Read More