Gila Trout Identification

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Illustration by Steven Schalla,, used with permission The most distinctive characteristics of the Gila Trout are its coppery to yellow body color, and spotting that is limited principally to the upper third of its body (above the lateral line), … Read More

Rio Grande Cutthroat Identification

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Illustration by Steven Schalla,, used with permission As with all cutthroats, check first for the distinct orange-red cutthroat slash below the jaw.  The Rio Grande Cutt will exhibit a yellowish gray-green to gray body with and an orange tint … Read More

New Mexico Overview

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New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment”, possesses relatively limited trout habitat. However, wherever the elevation climbs above 6,000 feet, there’s the possibility of cold water that can support wild trout, and the locations of these high mountain streams can be … Read More