Connecticut Overview

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Until recently, it’s been difficult to develop good information about where to seek wild trout in CT.  The CT DEP (no “fish and game” department any more) lists only 28 Wild Trout Management Areas (WTMAs). Recently, we’ve developed two other … Read More

RI Overview

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Frankly, I’ve never fished in RI.  I’ve always passed it by on the way to MA, or NH.  Moreover, unlike most fish and wildlife departments in the Northeast, Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM), Fish & Wildlife Division is … Read More

Arizona Overview

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Arizona is a largely arid state with relatively limited wild trout habitat.  However, wherever the elevation climbs around 5,000 feet or higher, there’s a shot at cold water habitat that can support wild trout.  Arizona supports its own native trout:  … Read More