Pennsylvania Overview

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Pennsylvania is one of the premiere trout fishing destinations in the east.  The Allegheny Mountains – the local name for the Appalachians – cut a semi-circular swathe through the center of the state and, along with the Allegheny plateau on … Read More

PAFBC Interactive County Guides

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In 2012, the PAFBC updated the “County Guides” on its website to a slick, Google Maps based application. In 2014, the guides remain online and apparently popular.  They cover a range of fishing opportunities: Class A Wild Trout Streams are … Read More

PA “Wild Trout” Workstation

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Given the range of data available from the state and other sources, setting up a “Wild Trout” Workstation on Google Earth is a short investment of time that will pay dividends for years.  We’ve prepared a comprehensive tutorial on how … Read More

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